Saturday, May 3


After my last weeping post, I thought I'd better lighten things up a bit... As I mentioned in my last post, my hubby and I went to the Carnival here in you realize how colorful those places are? I mean, they are SUCH eye candy...behold a few of the "edible" highlights:

And THOSE are just the food vendors! I succumbed to the blatant advertising and got some of my favorite carnival food (does anybody but ME actually CRAVE carnival food at times?) I had a lemon shake up, corn dog, and nachos. Does cholesterol come packaged any better than that? I submit to you it does not!

Look at the color on some of the rides (which I did NOT partake of):

True, the merry go round is an innocuous enough ride...but I do not fare very well with the round-and-round motion...regardless how fast/slow.

The colors were even more dazzling at night:

It's no wonder little kids are dazzled by the "magic" of the carnival!

In the spirit of carnival fun, I've created some CARNIVAL are a few for starters: (by the way, I'm using vintage playing cards, which I've discovered are about 1/4 inch smaller than playing cards you purchase today...go figure) WARNING: Those of you who are clown phobic may want to sign off now...

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Debbie said...

Hey Paula, your cards turned out great. Love them...I love the atmosphere of a carnival...