Friday, May 30

Greetings, dear reader!

As promised, here is the video clip of our excursion to the top of Rocky Mountain National Park...I do not yet have a video camera, so I had to use the video option on my Kodak to get this footage. I AM, however, proud to announce that my DARLING family (my two sons and hubby dear) bought me this for Mother's Day:

It's fab, yes? They got me the coveted "orange" with the orange tripod and a (NOT MATCHING) red and black carrying case. (WHY would a company that obviously sees the value of a color coordinated set offer a carrying case in the wrong color? I just don't get it...) Anyhoo, better video footage to come. Meanwhile, enjoy with me the blizzard at 12,000 feet! The date is May 25th, the sun was shining, the wind was howling (at 65-70 mph!) and yours truly stepped out of the car long enough to film the blizzard (and have her hair frozen in a "locked and upright position" (sorry, too many airplanes in the past week!)

More soon!


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