Friday, April 11


HAS SHE LOST HER MIND?!?!?! You ask...

Well, maybe.

Greetings, dear reader! I have some EXCITING news for you!

I'm doing another giveaway!
It has been quite a while since my last one and so I feel compelled to "share the love" once again and treat a few lucky winners (yes, that's WINNERS plural!) to some totally groovy vintage goods, altAred art supplies, and scrapbooking goodies. PLUS two lucky winners will take home a lovely Paula's Palace of AltAred Art T-Shirt. Behold the lovely merchandise model:

"WAIT A MINUTE!" you say, "That is NOT a merchandise model." Well, you're right. In the middle of the afternoon on a Friday, merchandise models are tough to come by. So it's moi. Me. Myself. Deal wit it. teehee

I's a close up of said merchandise...both XL, both 100% washable. Be the envy of your friends! Be the FIRST to sport a Paula's Palace of AltAred Art Spring Edition T-Shirt! (To quote Ned Flanders, "WOOHOODLYHOO!")

Stay tuned this weekend for details about how to enter! YAY!


Anonymous said...

Hey Chicky, keep me posted on how to enter. I'm not up often as my friend pneumonia has decided to pay a visit. Your creepy doll heads are in my car. See you Wednesday.


paula clare said...

Woohoo! Doll heads! I thought you'd forgotten! Thanks for being my supplier for "all things weird"! YAY!Oh, by the way, I'll be posting a Friends scrapbook in the next few days...your photo will be included...just a "warning" teehee

Cat said...

LOVE the shirt!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course I hadn't forgotten, though the girlies thought it odd you weren't taking the dolls to play with, you'll have to share photos of what you do with them so they don't give me the glazed over look :)