Monday, April 28


Greetings, dear reader! I have been waxing (literally) creative lately and haven't had much time to blog about all of the activity...(if you saw my scrapbook room, you'd KNOW I've been in the throes of some kind of creative friendzy...)

Anyway, I'll bet you're wondering, "What's up with all this "my house" stuff? Well I am glad you asked! I have joined the ezine Casa Bella and have been creating like a mad hatter ever since! Behold, the goods:

Here's my cottage-y version of the little house project. Our real home has only a few more square feet than this one (750) so we have always decorated in a cottage/flea market/vintage fashion. I wanted the house to reflect the same kinds of colors and styles we have in our home. I LOVED using the beeswax, and have only a few slices in my fingers from the German glass shards I sprinkled in while the beeswax was "curing."

This is a view of the windows. I used 7 Gypsies ATC Overlays for the windows, and then used vintage lace for curtains and old millinery flowers for the window boxes! It's really starting to look like home!

Here's a shot of the roofline, a German diecut, another ATC Overlay (the clock) and a blue feather. The clock symbolizes the time we spend together as family that makes a house a home. :-) (Aren't I the sappy one?)

This is my favorite part of the "Clouse House"...I wanted to add some charm (s) and thought of the quote "Home is where you hang your heart." SO I hung a heart, a flowr, and a little turquoise charm from the eaves of the a little earring for the lady!

This is a vintage earbob I found in a resale shop. The other one will become a "party" for my finger! For some reason when I saw the colors I thought..."Hanging planter!" I just added the hanger and the vines!

Here is the detail of part of the roof. EVERY cottage must have a "Home Sweet Home" SOMEWHERE...oh! And a bluebird of happiness as well!

Here's a detail of the door...I wanted to use this gorgeous little silver frame every since I found it in the altered art store...I've been saving it for just such an occasion. The "C" is a rub on and stands for "Clouse" "Creativity" "Cottage", pick one! The little picket fence is actually made from "Wallies" (diecuts for your walls...they are applied like wallpaper) I used rub on flowers and made a little welcome sign on the "WORKING" gate. My husband said I could have actually BUILT a real fence in the time it took me to put this one together!

THEN, I made this project:

Here's my version of the project. I painted the wooden balls robins egg blue, and then used larger, white rubons because I think the bigger letters invites visitors to pick them up, read and investigate. (I'm VERY into tactile kinds of decorating!) Anyway, I used the Making Memories "Simply Stated" alphabet rubons...entitled "rummage". The balls say "peace, love, hope, faith, joy, grace"

Here is the little vignette I put together for the casa bella project....the crown on the dollhead came from the Bellatoria Ezine!

There are 5 more projects I must catch up on...I'll keep you posted! Meanwhile, why not check out the ezine offer? You can still subscribe!

Only 2 days til the spring drawing! Woohoo! Good luck to all!

More soon!


PS Now the song's stuck in your head, isn't it?

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Cat said...

I LOVE all of the creations! The eggs and the crown make the doll head less creepy and more artsy... The house is amazing and I love all the details and symbolism.