Wednesday, April 2


Greetings Friends! I am happy to report that I am fully recovered from former plague (which thankfully seemed to be of the 24 hour variety) and now I am counting down the hours to my first Scrapbook-Big-Deal-Event: CKC St. Louis! (Which is a bit of a misnomer since it's in Collinsville, IL...I digress)

I have heard touted the (insert angel choirs here) WONDER OF SCRAPMANIA that takes place at these events. My son likens it to a drug party in which all the party goers get to partake in their particular variety of "crack." (Says he, "They always give you the first one get you hooked. Then you are willing to spend way too much money on the habit thereafter") A rather cynical view I realize...perhaps an accurate one? I don't know?!?! Will the scrapbookers walk around glazed and crazed? Will it be a joyous occasion of reunion and commradery? WHO KNOWS? For I have never been...thus my excitement.

If you live in the St. Louis Metro area, and you want to be "where it's happenin'" then you MUST come and partake in at least ONE class and/or crop. I loaded my schedule like a lunatic school goer...always the classic overachiever, I have scheduled myself into a 10 or 11 class delirium. Oh, twill be glorious, I'm sure!

I am taking my laptop with me and hope to post at least once you can vicariously live the adventure!

More soon!


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Cat said...

glazed and crazed is EXACTLY right!