Tuesday, April 8


This will be my final report of the CKC convention...which means, I'll have LOTS of photos and LOTS to talk about...
Now...where was I? Oh yes, Day 2...after lunch. Here was my class schedule: Time for Fun: A class that created a 12 month calendar out of 6 pieces of chipboard, held together with book rings. I'll post images as soon as I get it finished!

Spring Photo Wreath:

This class was sponsored by Fiskars and let us use some of the COOLEST tools to make our wreaths...this
tool is a MUST HAVE:

The Fiskars Fingertip Craft Knife is amazingly easy to use. It made cutting circles a breeze! We also got to use a heart "Squeeze" punch. If you have never used one of these, you simply MUST! I was amazed at how much easier it is to punch squeezing opposed to pressing down. And SOOOOO much faster! I had punched 18 hearts (the scallops around the edge of the wreath) in a few seconds...I am SOLD!

I finished this project when I got home. Found the album at a great little vendor called "The Paper Loft."

CKC St. Louis was great...I am definitely wiser and smarter for having gone. There are some things I will and will not do next time, but one thing I will MOST DEFINITELY DO is register early and load up on classes again! This was the first time I have gone to "Creative School" and I LOVED IT!


Angeleenee said...

Love all the "fam" stuff...hey I took out my magnifying glass and read at the bottom of one of your pages that Paul and Leah are engaged??? My congrats to the happy couple!! I checked out Paul's blog from the link you posted on his birthday. What a deep thinker...he is such a wonderful crazy mix of you and Bud.

Happy Huggles to you today!!!

Cat said...

LOVE YOUR BOOK!!! I also love seeing pics of your loved ones...

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a wonderful time Paula. The wreaf looks awesome.

Dawn Stan

paula clare said...

Hi Dawn! Thanks for checking in and leaving a comment...how did you hear about me? I don't know if you're an altered art/scrapbooky person, but if you are, CK Convention is a MUST! I'm certain it will become an annual event for this chick!