Thursday, April 3


Greetings from the Creating Keepsakes Convention in St. Louis! Today the festivities begin! Our first scrapbook convention is off to a roaring start!

We received our tickets for the event (and our arm bands) and then began perusing the place looking for our classroom.

Once we found the classroom printed on our ticket...we were met with a hallway full of merchandise, an empty room, and a blocked doorway. What the.....OH. They've moved the class. Fine. Down the hall we go...

When we finally arrived, we had apparently beat the instructor the the class...being the helpful Nellies that we are, we offered to help set up the classroom. Apparently, it was the wrong teacher in the wrong classroom...AGAIN. So we helped her scoop up her merchandise and sat down to wait. And wait. And wait. And then, with only 2 minutes to spare, in marched our what resembled pajamas! ("Did we WAKE you?" I thought to myself)

The instructor was fabulous...very laid back (thus the loungewear) and no pressure. It was lots of fun. AND, because we were EARLY and got there FIRST, AND because I am a classic overachiever, we got front row seats. YAY!

An almost-completed book...we're going to make it OUR story about our first Scrapbook Convention Adventure.

More soon!


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