Monday, March 3


Hello dear reader! I have some exciting things to share with you today...(okay, so when am I NOT excited?!?! GOOD QUESTION!) Here's another swap still taking participants...YOU TOO can get in on the goods...
If you've never been to Artsy Mama's are SO MISSING OUT! Her stuff is totally fabulous and wonderfully vintage. This swap has a fun "party theme"...and YOU pick out the theme! Here's some of the details from her blog:

"Decide on a party theme that you would like to receive items for. It could be for a:
birthday (please specify baby, child, adult)
baby shower
tea party
anything else you may come up with

Comment on this post (on Artsy Mama's blogsite) with your top two preferences for theme and your email. Then I will partner you up and you will send to that person in the theme of their choice. Now you certainly do not need to supply them with all of their party needs. Your not expected to find 20 of the same napkins or plates. They could always scan in the image and come up with thier own. The idea is to send them a variety of items for their theme, with a vintage twist. Now they can be actual vintage or vintage inspired, but should definitely have a vintage "vibe" to them. Know what I mean?! For example, I am gathering vintage items for my little girls 3rd birthday. This could include party napkins, plates, maybe some neat party hats, cupcake toppers, wrapping paper, vintage party cookbook. You get the idea. *I highly encourage at least one item to be handmade vintage inspired.* Sound like fun? I will only take the first 40 serious swappers!!! Oh yea, and the mail out date is by April 14th (my daughters 3rd birthday!) You must be in the US or Canada and be willing to ship either US or Canada, priority mail with delivery confirmation."
Doesn't it sound FUN?!?! AND don't forget I am also doing a 21 Day Challenge with Rhonna Farrer Today is day three:

And here's my inspirational journal pages:

Since today's inspiration is about vision, I'd like to include some of the artwork of a few of my favorite altered art/scrapbook artists:

The Creator of this 21 Day Challenge, Rhonna Farrer:

A Designer for 2 Peas In a Bucket, Rhonna says:

I love designing here at Two Peas...I also work with Autumn Leaves & enjoy designing products with them! But, first & foremost, I am a wife & mother...THAT gives me the greatest joy! After that...2ps is a close second! LOL!

I absolutely LOVE her beautiful yet grungy swirls and spatters and flowers and ... well, the best way to describe her stuff is "beautiful grunge." Behold:

And of course, the ineffable Elsie Flannigan:

Elsie is the creator of the Love, Elsie line of scrapbook papers and elements. I just LOVE her laid back, fun and artsy style. It's easy to figure out how she came up with the name for her line! Check it out:

How completely adorable is THAT?!?!?!

And my best NEWLY DISCOVERED scrap artist: Ngaire Bartlam of Blog Me Baby fame:

Ngaire (pronounced Nai-ree) totally loads her layouts with embellishments...of ALL kinds. I just LOVE that about her! There's no such thing as TOO MUCH! Look at some of her incredible layouts:

For someone who doesn't "DO" Journals, hers are pretty fab, yes?

And because we can't talk about vision without music (or at least, *I* can't) I leave you with this:

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