Friday, March 14


Greetings, dear reader! I am posting about several assorted "wonders" here, so hang on!

Wonder #1:

This WEEKEND is the Scrapbooking and AltAred Art Retreat! WOOHOO! At long last it has finally arrived! And just in the knick of time to restore what little sanity I have left after this long, seemingly never-ending winter! We will be making art muses, art quilts, happy house pins, a card for a friend, and a new twist on the "circle journal!" WOW! In two days that's a lot of creativity! I'll be posting photos post weekend!


Garden Fairy Plant Project

This fab little project is from Teresa McFayden and Paper Bella Studio's E-zine Bellatoria. The subscription is only $20 and I have already 4 amazing projects...all shabby chic, all created by incredible artists (Sandra Evertson, Marilyn Healey and Jennifer Stewart) and each one more adorable than the last! This is my first project:

It's a darling little wooden box with paper glued to the sides and handle, and little peat pots covered in vintage looking paper...and forget me not seeds...all being watched over by a little garden fairy (I made her tutu and glittery wings...aren't they sweet?)

Wonder #3:

I now have blinkies that you can snag and put on your blog or website! Check them out in the sidebar...

Wonder #4:
I am absolutely THRILLED that Kari Ramstrom at Artsy Mama has a new book out:

If her book is ANYTHING like her blog, it will be pure eye candy! You can even preorder!

Wonder #5:

My dear friend Ngaire Bartlam has been published twice...and is a designer for Fiskars and Tarisota...

I ordered both books and they are WONderful! Don't you just love the kingdom of blogdom? Speaking of kingdoms...

Wonder #6:

The Blogger's Ball is nearly upon us! Do you have your frock ready? Have you bought your shoes? Have you prepared your back story? Read more about this fun evening here:

That's it for now...more post retreat! Huggles!


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