Saturday, March 22


Greetings dear friends! A blessed Easter to each of you! Easter is absolutely my favorite Christian holiday...It's so very dramatic, you know? I've been indoctrinated since I was wee little, so I am seeing the holiday through definitely biased eyes, but I am POSITIVE I can hear the earth sing and shout early Easter morning! Truly a God that is alive and interested in our day to day lives is a miracle I can hardly wrap my mind around!

I donned an Easter bunny costume one year, and went hopping through the neighborhood, giving an "eyewitness" account of the resurrection story. I am glad to say the crowd that gathered were all interested to know what this oversized rabbit was up to. I was able to share the Easter story in a very dramatic way...and in a way that the "townsfolk" would HEAR me. It was great...then my son and I went hopping into "the hood" where we were immediately surrounded by 4 HUGE men who said they were going to make sure we were kept safe and that folks showed us respect. I'm in a BUNNY SUIT for crying out loud...and they were talking about showing ME respect! Just goes to show you, when something is done out of love, it makes us fearless. "Perfect love truly casts out fear!" I still have my bunny suit if anyone wants to borrow. :-) The Resurrection Bunny is on hiatus this year...

However, he HAS BEEN BUSY...behold the wonder of the Easter Eggs...not just ANY Easter eggs, tie dye PAISLEY eggs:

And he didn't forget to leave a few of the vintage variety:

AND, lest I not have ENOUGH eggs, I decided to "help a brutha (bunny) out" and make some of my own. They are SO simple to make...using an oval template cut out 5 ovals from cardstock...fold in half, and then glue one side of each oval to the next oval to create an egg...voila! Easy peasy...

And a final view of the whole Easter Egg Parade:

I pray you have an EGGSTRA special day...full of the joy, wonder, hope and life that is ours in Jesus Christ!

More soon!



Angeleenee said...

AAAAAAAaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did you make those gorgeous paisley tie dye easter eggs??? They are wonderful!!!! Do clue us in...


Cat said...

I love your zest for life and the story about you dressing up as a bunny!
Happy Easter and try to stay warm :)

paula clare said...

Okay, here's the scoop...I cheated. There's a TIE DYE Easter egg kit...AND I used paisley rubons! The shape of the eggs made them a bit challenging, but they REALLY wanted to stick!It's a FABULOUS way to get great artwork without all the bother!