Sunday, March 16


Greetings, dear friends!

Here is my "report" on the recent "regain your sanity" getaway weekend. The remote retreat center was perfect for a feeling of "getting away from it all." The fire and the fellowship with other like-minded artists was friendships were made and old friendships short, FUN WAS HAD BY ALL!

The slideshow includes photos of the facility, friends, and some of the projects we completed. One special treat was getting to meet my friend from blogdom, Cat. I knew when discovering her "Cupcakes and Coffee" blog we were kindred spirits...I was even more certain after meeting her! The altered book images as well as a layout or two in the slideshow were created by her amazing artful hands.

My friend Debbie was also on hand, (I've added her new blog to my list of "Muses": Creations by Debbie Jean) and she was, (as always) a great support and my number one fan.

This was the first exposure to altered art for many of the ladies present...I believe several were very intrigued and even a little excited about discovering this "new to them" artform!

Tomorrow I will be posting the instructions and photo "how to" for one of the projects from the art quilt!

I am planning another retreat weekend in the summer...I'll keep you posted!

More soon!



Debbie said...

THANKS PAULA for the add!! Wow I feel special having my link on your page. I loved the retreat, it was awesome getting away with friends and having fun and relaxation.....and meeting CAT was an AWESOME extra. Can't wait to see her again soon.

Love, Deb

Cat said...

Awwww..thanks for the sweet comments. I feel the same way :) I can't wait to see you guys again. I feel like we have known each other for a lot longer than just a weekend. Tate in enamored with my art muse, but thinks it is a magic wand. I may never get it back!