Friday, March 21


Greetings dear reader! Today is the final day of the 21 Day Challenge by the ineffable Rhonna Farrer...I decided rather than make a journal (which I may or may not look at very often) I would plaster the quotes and gorgeous artwork all over my scrapbook room walls. They will provide ongoing inspiration, color, texture, and make a WONDERFUL border for the room! Here's a photo collage of said walls:

I have on my walls layouts and photos from Ngaire Bartlam, Elsie, Wilna Furstenburg, Teresa McFayden and other inspirational souls whose blogs and art make me happy and want to burst into creative jigs!

I know I promised colored eggs in vintage bunny holders, however today my hubby and I trekked to St. Louis (over 200 miles round trip) to go to an AMAZING Altered Art/Craft store. Red Lead Paper Works is unlike anyplace I have ever been. Their store is incredible. The place is just blooming with creativity and lively color. If you have not been to their website, you simply MUST take a look see...their website gives a "true to the store"'s a copy of their opening page:

We are sisters. best friends. craft artists. and the owners of Red Lead PaperWorks.

Chris Schwartz

Sharon Wisely

5 Things I Can't Live Without

5 Things On My Work Table

New Workshops at Red Lead...Sign up right here or call us...314-822-8288

Red Lead PaperWorks: we create!

NOW are you intrigued? Curious? DYING to get there?!?! Of course I spent waaaaaaaaaay too much money but, oh my. I've just never BEEN to such a fantastic place before. AND THEN... We went to a wonderful antique gallery in the same strip mall, and I found THIS: A FABulous 1929 Wooden Painter's Box!

It is beat up and used and splattered with paint and linseed oil...and the inside smells like...ART!

Note the groovy little hinges on the lid? The end of the lid flips out...which allows canvases and/or watercolor paper to slide in and out of the grooves on the inside edge of the lid!

AND it even came with old wooden, real camel hair brushes...

Of course I wasted no time loading it up...

AND THEN (yes, there's more!)We found some wonderful second hand stores where the proceeds go back into the community...THOSE fabulous finds plus the Easter Eggs Extraordinnaire tomorrow! Meanwhile, happy creating!

More soon!


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