Tuesday, February 5


Greetings, dear friends and readers! It's another week and time for the next Vintage Valentine Freebie! This one is truly a unique treat...I've never seen one like it before! I've even included the "lid" of the "flower box" because that's where the valentine "sentiment" is written. This particular variety a "modern" version of the valentine, circa 1949-50.

And, oh! If anyone wants instructions on how to make any of the little Valentines I display here, feel free to comment and/or email and ask! I'll be glad to direct you to Wilna's FABUlous Valentine class (I hear there are STILL openings! Only $17.00! WELL WORTH every dime!)

Okay, without making you wait another minute, here's Valentine Freebie #4:

Stay tuned at the end of the week for a BONUS valentine! WOOHOO!

More soon!


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