Sunday, February 3

Inventive Ways to Display "Works in Progress"

Hello friends! Happy Sunday to you!

One of my best friends is a Creative Memories Consultant (the gal that is doing the retreat workshop with me) and one of the "perks" of having such a friend is that I am ALWAYS "in the know" about the latest products to hit the CM market. This is a happy (to me) and devastating (to my wallet) conundrum. However, once in awhile there is such a wonderfully inventive product I just HAVE to have matter the cost. The following are two such products:

These are the Creative Memories Everyday Display Boards. Aren't they FABulous? Their good looks are only half the story...these versatile boards have either a 12x12 inch display space (pictured above: white) or an 8x8 display space (pictured above, black...both come in both colors) The GREAT thing about these boards is that they are magnetic, so you can put together and display your scrapbook pages WITHOUT ADHESIVES or committing to any certain layout. You can change it daily until you get the look you like best. Another great advantage is that you can take the page directly off the board, glue it, then put it in your scrapbook and start all over again! As you can see, I use them to display holiday related layouts and/or other trinkets or eye candy that inspires me. I have seen these boards taken to business meetings to stylishly display charts and/or presentations.

So many of us use scrapbooking as a mode and means to display family photos...this is a great way to "frame them" before sequestering them to the pages of your scrapbooks...which may or may not be seen by visiting friends and neighbors. :-)

What you cannot see are the stylish ribbons and architectural knobs that are included for hanging. Also included are tiny clothespins, and extra strong magnetic buttons (that match the knobs) for holding your treasures secure.

A WAY COOL concept, don't you think?

More soon!


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