Monday, February 11


Greetings my intrepid altered art adventurers! (I DO so love alliteration!)

I am so excited...I won another layout contest! Remember the "If I Were Queen For A Day" challenge? I won a $10 gift certificate to the amazing Tangie Baxter's Digi Store! (squeeeeeal) For those who don't remember, this is the award winning LO:

She said she LOVED the altered art style of the LO! YAY! And so, in honor of this layout, I would like to ask my readers, "What would YOU do if you were queen for a day?" Comment here for a FAB new digital goodie (created by yours truly!)

Also, I got two WONDERFUL valentines today...behold the magic of inchies:

AND from my sistuh, Pam:

Oh, by the way, DO check out my sistuh's blog and Bible study website. -------------------->>>>
(links in my sidebar) She TOTALLY ROCKS!

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