Saturday, February 9


I just registered for 10 (can you stand it?!?!) yes TEN classes at the Creating Keepsakes Convention coming to St. Louis in April! I am SO excited to go...this is my first jaunt into the scrapbook convention world. Some of the class titles I'm taking are: What's All the Chatter? Live, Laugh, Love 4 Ribbon Techniques Spring Photo Wreath Canvas A la Carte Isn't that FAB?!?! Lots of classes that are NOT typical scrapbooking...and oh, get this, MOST ALL of the classes that would be considered "altered art" are full to capacity. I waited too late to get in (BOO) but I'm sure I'll find someone playing "show and tell" while they are at the convention. And I'll take notes like MAD...

Oh, just a bit of inside info: The Holiday Inn Convention Center (where the Convention is being held) is completely sold would do better to consider a nearby hotel...there are about 6 of them in the same immediate area.

Here's the website for those of you who might be interested:

After all the Valentine madness, I am going to begin a project for a friend, as well as join in a Yahoo neighborhood swap. Today I participated in a virtual birthday party for a sister is my birthday photo contribution:

This "global community" is WONDERFUL, isn't it? I DO SO LOVE being a part of your bloggy world!

More soon!


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