Monday, February 4


Greetings dear ones! Well, are you SICK TO DEATH of all the Valentine hubbub that has assaulted you from this blog? For those who are, you may want to listen to the music and mindlessly drift away for a bit...for those who are chomping at the bit to see what INCREDIBLE creation I've assembled, read on!

This is another little goodie from Wilna Furstenburg, designer and teacher extraordinnaire in my Valentines Day online class. (Those of you who did not sign up are soooooooooooo sorry...aren't you????) Anyhoo, here's project two for my amazing niece Emileigh:

This is SO MUCH FUN...I NEVER "do" Valentines, and this year...well...I can't make them fast enough! What projects are YOU undertaking for YOUR sweeties?

By the way, the vintage valentine this week is don't want to miss it! Stay tuned!

More soon!