Friday, January 4


Greetings, Dear Ones! So how go the New Years Resolutions? Mine are coming along... s-l-o-w-l-y.

Remember I told you that I felt I'd have a WORD for the New Year? As it turns out, I ended up with two: Simplicity and Abundance. "ODD..." you say? Well, yes. It is. Or it would be. If it were anyone but ME we were speaking about...but it seems when vision comes to me, it often comes as PARADOX. (It would seem I a
m in good company, as one of my fave authors, G.K. Chesterton was known as the "Eccentric Prince of Paradox." NO WONDER I love his books so much! His book, "Orthodoxy" makes my "Top Ten Favorite Books of All Time." And his book about Francis radically altered my perception of the Little Man of Assisi!)
I digress...

(Don't you just LOVE the smell of books in the morning?)

Back to the New Year epiphany...I have come upon many of my more profound realizations while reading books. Books of all stripes. Books of all kinds. Old books. New books. Religious books. Comic books (do not mock...for I shall clue you in later and YOU TOO shall believe!), self improvement books, etc. etc. The BEST books (imho) are the ones that leave me with more questions than answers. I'd like to commend the following to those of you who are of the same persuasion...


Again, these wonderfully inspiring books are:

  1. The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron
  2. Live the Life You Love by Barbara Sher
  3. Orthodoxy by GK Chesterton
  4. The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning
  5. Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster
  6. The Bible by God
  7. Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller
  8. The Lessons of Saint Francis: How to Bring Simplicity and Spirituality into Your Daily Life by John Michael Talbott
  9. The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis (THE COMIC BOOK VERSION...WOW)
  10. Bodacious Book of Succulence by SARK
I hereby vow to read more books in 2008. One per month seems a doable goal. Anyone care to join me? Anyone? What are some of YOUR all time faves???? (That's NOT a rhetorical question! Since I have 12 books to read this year, I need some ideas!) Of course, I can ALWAYS find great suggestions just by keeping up with my blog reading! I now read 30+ a day...and oh my! The things I learn! Do not forsake, nor forget, gentle reader, the value of blogdom! It is a wellspring of intellectual, artistic and spiritual fodder! (and occasional silliness...which we all need)

More soon! Huggles!
Paula Clare

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M. Nole said...

Paula, I too get giddy, weepy and just plain emotional over good books, especially spiritual ones. I used to have an unpopular habit of trying to push books on people and getting my feelings hurt when they never read them, but I've gotten much more mature!

I cannot read right now due to neck stiffness and pain but can't wait to check out the books you listed when this problem is over.

I have 3 books to add:

1. Believe That I am Here by Nicole Gausseron (the diary of a working mother who goes from nonprofit director to mystic)

2. Miracles of Pope John Paul II (who knew what bizarre, incredible and inexplicable things happened to some of the terminally ill people who were simply prayed over by the Pope? The Pope didn't want it advertised and usually didn't even want to talk about it.)

3. Make Your Life Worthwhile by Emmet Fox (a collection of essays with the "what you think upon grows theme." Some of these have saved my sanity at times. I've been through 2 copies of this book and will probably need to order a third someday.)