Saturday, January 5


Greetings, dear friends! Another day another scrapbook challenge! (One of my goals is to make an attempt to enter such challenges when found while blog surfing) Thus, my 2008 aspirations. They aren't really "goals" because they aren't "Measurable" (which, as any goal stickler will tell a MUST) They ARE however (I believe) obtainable...and therefore worthy fodder (in my thinking) as aspirations.

Are any of you scrapbooking your goals and such? If so, send me your layout via email and I will happily post it here (you never know, you MAY get your 15 minutes of fame while doing so!) I'm hoping the offer challenges and "prods" those among us who may tend toward procrastination to GET THEIR GOALS DOWN ON PAPER...or, at the very CYBER SPACE where we can ALL appreciate them. (grin)



Jennifer H. said...

Hi Paula!

Thank you for the kind comments on my blog about my 2007 Review page. It was so sweet of you to post your thoughts! And I totally love your blog btw...lots of great stuff here!


Angeleenee said...

Hey Paula~

Thought I would clue you in on the pretty fab website I found. She has lots of amazing pictures and clip art to download for free for your own use as well as a gallery of her own altered books, collage art and other misc stuff. I really loved her site. I thought of you when I looked at all the old bird photos and will LOVE, I'm quite sure!!!

OK..I'll stop babbling now and just give you the long awaited link (smirk)