Tuesday, January 15


Greetings all! As I mentioned in my last post, I do not like the "barren wilderness" look of my living room after taking down the Christmas decorations...SO this year I decided to leave the tree and use it as a "transitional" piece...I used vintage valentines, vintage lace and crocheted linens from my grandmother's collection...

I realize that *I*, the one who is always downing my friends for being "sappy" and/or sentimental, will take untold ribbing and will be laughed to scorn...however, *I* think it looks pretty and even my husband said "Your valentine tree looks good." (High praise indeed!)
So laugh if you must...oh, and while I'm at it...I dedicated the song playing to my dear husband of 27 years. We ARE still having fun...and he's STI
LL the one! (mock me if you must...)

More soon!


Smoochies! Paula


Angeleenee said...

I had to tell you how I LOVE LOVE LOVE your valentines tree!!! I have become such a sappy romantic in my middle age. All of that gorgeous mushiness.... HEAVEN!!!

Oh, and the song you dedicated to Bud....(your still the one) I made a slide show for Dave last year using pictures of he and I together and THAT SONG was the song I chose for the background music. (great minds truly do think alike!!)

Chow Darling~

ngaire B said...

OOOh looks SO pretty . and there is my birdy!!!!!


Candy said...

I love it girl. Go crazy! I did the same thing one year with the greenery I'd hung over my dining room table on the light fixture. I took the Chrismas stuff out of it and added hearts for Valentine's Day, eggs for Easter, etc. It was fun. My husband loved it too.