Thursday, January 31

FAVE Photos of 2008 (1st Quarter)

Greetings friends! I've been busy creating...madly creating (my workspace is a TOTAL wreck and will testify to this fact) Working on my make-n-takes for the Scrapbooking and AltAred Art Retreat.(There is now a paypal button on the post so you can click and conveeeeeeeeeeeenient, yes?)

Here is my latest project...I got the kit from the amazing WIP blog...and then, in my usual fashion, went about ALTARING it. I usually work within a theme (to a fault) but this time I determined to use the elements in the kit and little else. That left the colors and the page layouts much more random....which is great. I like random. I just don't DO random very often. But, in doing so, I learned it's a good way to use up those extra small bits of paper and ribbon. Soooooooooo, "waste not, want not" as my gramma used to say. (She also used to say, "There's snow outside up to my 'fork'"...which is, at the moment, also a true statement. I'll make a project of her witticisms someday...) Anyhoo, here's my version:

More soon!


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Ryzmomplus2 said...

Just love your mini book! Great job - adorable baby too!