Tuesday, December 11

Vintage Children's Book Ornaments

Good morning, dear readers! Happy 11th of December to you! A few posts ago (November 27th to be exact) I showed you some vintage ornaments I thought were ADORABLE...to refresh your memory:

Ahhhhhhhhhh...you remember now, yes? Anyhoo, I told you I was going to forage for Children's books and make some of my own...I went to the local Goodwill, and found 6 or 7 Christmas books for kids. The following is my take on the ornaments above (after quizzing the creator of the birdies above, I discovered that the pictures were decoupaged onto balsa wood shapes found at a local craft store...and so...the hunt ensued) However (again) being from Podunk, Illinois, there were no such darling shapes...so I was left to my own devices and imagination. Behold the results:

Most ornaments shown here were taken from pages in either the Nutcracker, Frosty the Snowman, or Snow Day...

And then I decided to use other shapes as well (THESE were the shapes the stores had on hand:

What you cannot see very well in these pictures is the German glass glitter used on each ornament.It adds to the vintage look and really makes them shine and sparkle...they look like glistening sugar cookies! (My husband even said, "WOW! Those are pretty!" Believe me, for him to notice, they MUST be dazzling!) This photo shows it a little better:

THEN I found an unfinished wooden box, and lined it with holly tissue paper. I layered a few of the ornaments inside, and then glued this fine fellow...on top.

The project turned out so cute I will have a hard time giving it away!

More to come...I'm on a roll! (A tasty, home made CINNAMON ROLL that is! ha!)

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Angeleenee said...

Gorgeous ornaments. Somewhat "victorian" in flavor..thus I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

Holiday Hugs to You~