Wednesday, December 5

A Christmas Miracle!

Hello dear readers! I have been granted "Temporary Elfdom" as I bring to you the following Christmas miracle...I have been given (absolutely free at no cost to me) a ticket to see Trans Siberian ORchestra LIVE this Sunday evening!

Oh joy! Oh glee! The tickets (which I've looked for and scoured ticket boxes all over the world)are $81 for the "cheap seats" and THIS ticket is one of four given to our counseling agency...AND it's in the "not so cheap" seats! WOOHOO! A ticket to the show was on my "Must Have" Christmas list, but the aforementioned ticket prices were preventive (at least in the opinion of my husband who cannot/will not spend more than $25 for a ticket for ANY kind of entertainment!)

I've heard the light show is completely amazing...I am SOooooo excited! (Can you tell?) And now I leave you to the business of "eating your hearts out"...I'll try not to gloat!

Also, a friend on another blog:
Illustrator and Graphic Design Artist Extraordinnaire Margot Miller has made a fireplace which I submitted the following digital offering:

The digital birdies are from Designer Digitals and Katie Pertiet. The decorative digital goodies are from Scrap Girls (two of my FAVE digital resources!)

And a new "classic" for your Christmas holiday viewing pleasure...It's become one of my faves:

More soon! Peppermint flavored SMOOCHIES!

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margot said...

YAYYYYY for the fireplace! i love your blog!