Saturday, December 15


I realize this is my second post in a day...but please bear with me as I tell you of my most recent debacle...

I find it amazing the way certain smells, pictures, or situations remind us of obscure things from our childhood...while studying this during biopsych I learned that the emotions we experience during these memories are IDENTICALLY the emotions we experienced when it happened the first time...

For those of you who know me, you may find it hard to believe that I (as a wee child) was quite the singer. It's TRUE...I belonged to choir every year of elementary and high school, and while in high school went to state with a girls sextet (matching outfits, the whole bit...ARGH!) and won first place!

Annnnnnnnnnnnnyway (there IS a point to all of this...truly!) Well, among my scrapbooking friends and bloggers, there seems to be a multitude of folks doing a "Christmas Countdown"...the 12 days of Christmas or Christmas advent or...whatever. Well, what all of the hub bub over the 12 days has reminded me of is a song sung in choir during 5th grade. I remember my class sang it with rave reviews, standing ovations and wild cheering from the audience (okay, so most of the audience were the parents of said singers...but STILL) I remembered eveyr word...and even the tune...I'd sing it for you if that were at all plausible!

SOooo, without further adieu, I give you "the song" and the "trip" down memory lane:

More soon! SMOOCHIES!

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Ngaire Bartlam said...

LOLOLOLOL. Love it! so funny.

now WHERE OH WHERE did you get the cute little cartoon festive Paula in the top right hand corner of your blog.
I LOVE HER!!!!!!
can you point me in the right direction????