Monday, December 17


Greetings Craft Mongers! (I mean that in a GOOD way!)

Day 2 and I have another fun project for you...remember I told you about the HO HO HO game? Here's my version for older kids...the YO HO HO game. Same idea, just using pirates to enhance the cool factor...

Here's the cover...

And the inside instructions:

And here are some of the cards (Digital kit purchased from Daisie Company's Tammy Young)

Sorry about the crummy camera battery is acting weird...can you see how completely ADORABLE they are tho? I will tell you I did NOT have an easy time finding CUTE pirates. It was all skulls, and kind of creepy stuff. However, there were TWO suitable (imho) for a 5 year old: these and the cute little rats from Patti Knox over at Designer Digitals. I, however have something of a rat there'll be no rats for THIS chick...sorry Patti!

The bulk of the time is spent laying them out so they'll all cut the same size...I use Photoshop Elements to do the designwork and layouts.

For a younger nephew I'm making a Pirate Match Game...that way he can play by himself or with his mom. Used the same little characters...just made sure there were even numbers of each.

Hope you like it...what FUN we're having!

(BTW, today I mailed winner's packages to Ngaire and Angie, and the "special gift" to all those who entered during the last giveaway! Coming soon to a mailbox near you!) DROOL!

Peace in da hood...

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