Tuesday, November 13


Remember this famous shadow?

Wouldn't it be great to enlist such a helper over the holidays? Even if I ended up with only the carpet bag...remember that FABulous carpet bag? How handy it would be to pull holiday treats, handmade gifts and such out of a bag at just the right time...and that handy trick with the "spoonful of sugar"? Well, I could use a 5 lb bag or so around Christmas time...forget the "spoonful"!

The big thing I try to remember each holiday, is that being together with family and friends is what makes Christmas special. It's not about the stuff, it's about the PEOPLE. So even if my house is a mess and I don't get around to making all the marvelous handmade goodies...the faces and time spent with family and friends is what the real "practically perfect people" make a priority!

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