Friday, November 30


I DO love that song...annnnnnnnnnyhoo...

It is the time of year when several things happen around the AltAred Art Palace...such as:

  • Snowmen overtake the house
  • Yankee Candles (Christmas Eve & Christmas Wreath) are burned from Dec. 1-Jan 1.
  • The outside of the house is "decked"
  • The inside "halls" are decked...accordingly
  • I BAKE!!!! (It's is a cosmic event...the sun, moon and stars all align and you can hear angel choirs singing in the background...)
  • Christmas movies run constantly from Thanksgiving to Christmas Day
It's a Wonderful Life - Jimmy Stewart
A Christmas Carol - Alistair Simms
A Muppet Christmas Carol - Michael Kane
Miracle on 34th St - Natalie Wood
White Christmas - Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye
A Christmas Story - Darren McGavin...HILARIOUS!

A Christmas Vacation - Chevy Chase
The Nativity - Beautiful!
Jingle All The Way - Arnold Schwarzenneger, Sinbad

ELF - Will Ferrell
Charlie Brown's Christmas
The Grinch - Cartoon Version

  • Cookie Dough is eaten in mass quantities
  • Festive vintage Christmas music is played for background music...some of my faves are:
Bing Crosby's White Christmas
Trans Siberian Orchestra's The Christmas Attic
Gene Autry's Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Andy William's It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Manheim Steamroller's Carol of the Bells
Mormon Tabernacle Choir's O Come All Ye Faithful
Celine Dion's Ave Maria

And now off to buy the ingredients for Hot Wassail!

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I got my avatar! Thought you might like to see it. =) I look so perky.