Wednesday, November 14

Holiday Ornie Swap

Hidy Ho, Dear Readers!

I am EXCITED to announce my first EVER (fanfare please) HANDMADE ORNAMENT SWAP!
You are all invited to join me in putting some home-made love into the holiday season. I will be taking names until Nov. 24th to join. In order to have ornaments in time for December celebrations, I'd like to have all ornaments post marked no later than Dec. 1st.

Here's what I'm thinking:

Each person will make
three handmade ornaments to send out to three different people.
In return, you will receive three different ornaments from three other people.
You will be matched up as entries come in.
Your three handmade ornaments can be the same or different.
Please comment and/or email me if you have any questions.
Ornaments can be made out of almost anything. Paper, Fabric, Cork, Wood, Plastic, Books, recycled materials - WHATEVER! Use your imagination!

Here are the rules:

1. Your three ornaments must be at least 50% handmade. This means new stuff you buy and then ALTER is OKLY DOKLY!
2. Your three ornaments must be sent out by Dec. 1st to your three lucky receivers.
3. Your three ornaments can be exactly the same or all different.

4. If you are unable to send your ornaments once names have been given out, as a courtesy, please contact me as soon as possible so I can get juggle the names again.
5. To enter, I need to receive an e-mail from you with your name, mailing address, e-mail.

Send your name, mailing addy, to me at

Feel free to send me pics of your ornaments via email, or send me a link to pics on your blogs.

I'll be reminding you of deadlines as time passes and sharing with you my own ornaments. Feel free to post this on your blog or link to this post to share the fun with your friends!

Bring on the HAND-MADE LOVE!

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