Tuesday, October 30

Greetings fellow zombies and other spooktacular types! Here's another layout with the Halloween theme...I do my digital scrapbooking using Adobe Photoshop Elements...and in this layout I was playing around with the light filter. The "haunted house" is actually city hall in Hartford City, Indiana! My sister and I were on a day jaunt, (looking for an elusive covered bridge) and found this wonderfully eerie place sitting in the town square. I remember thinking at the time, "Wow...that would make a good haunted house!" So I snapped the picture.

Also, to help me get into the spirit of things, I've made another Etsy Purchase: BEHOLD THE MUMMY!

Oh whatever... I didn't scare you.
I'm too cute to be scary.
Anyways... Mortimer the Mummy used to work in a library. Now he ROAMS THE COUNTRYSIDE.... hoping no one unravels him!

A complete backstory with each little character...you've just gotta LOVE the wonderfully wacky artists at Etsy! Mortimer is supposed to be a finger puppet...but because I have little cause to wear a mummy on my finger, I'm sporting him as a pin. He's 2" tall and amazingly detailed. Nicole, I am in awe of such nimble fingered talent!

And, OH! Speaking of MORTIMER, it's time to watch one of my favorite movies of all time, Frank Capra's "Arsenic & Old Lace". Cary Grant is a GORGEOUS, zany leading man...who is the nephew of two spinster aunts who ... uh... like to share their home brewed elderberry wine with the "gentleman callers" that come to see them. Check it out at IMDB!

And look at this groovy wallpaper I found at digital blasphemy:

And finally, my greatest halloween find thus far: (fanfare, mistro!)


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