Thursday, September 6

I have been violently ill for the past 3 days...and so my blog has been put on have my creative endeavors. I have been too sick to even THINK about creating...however, I have used the time to forage along the web and find some very groovy items that I think you might find cool...I ordered this from's even more fab in real life...

Unico Creations

AND check this out:

Peace loving monk that I am, (my monkpage) I am all for doing ANYTHING besides "making war"...even BAKING! I just disovered Johnny Cupcakes...I don't watch MTV so little did I know he and his "garb" have become something of a "celebrity" in the Rock World.

I also found this way cool website: Sprout Home

They have all kinds of neat housewares like this plate:
Also things like this "Gnome-In-The-Box" which you could spend the rest of your life searching for:

Now aren't you glad you checked out my blog today?

Hey, if you think about it, say a prayer for my recovery...also, as YOU are foraging through the web, when you happen to come upon some things that are just TOO COOL to be kept to yourself, clue me in! Leave a comment here or you can get my email addy from my profile!


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