Wednesday, September 12



Just a quick note to say "thank you" to all of you who said a prayer for me during my recent "near death experience." Needless to say, I'm doing MUCH better...I am vertical and able to take in some nourishment. A glowing report after the horrendous week I've had. But I digress.

Today (at 8 a.m.) I leave for Nashville, Tennessee and the AACC World Conference.

AACC is the American Association of Christian Counselors. It is a 4 day "learnfest" with hundreds of workshops and a veritable "Who's Who" in the world of Christian counseling and authordom. 10,000 Christian counselors are expected to attend! I am SO looking forward to it...I have needed a "shot in the arm" in regard to my counseling for awhile now. I am investigating the prospect of internet counseling...Stay tuned for more information when I get back..

MEANWHILE, please feel free to peruse the images in the MAY see some familiar faces. Also, look for recurring themes...

And oh, my "find-of-the-day":

How completely FAB is this? It's a hand thrown communion a whole new meaning to"little brown jug" doesn't it? A friend of mine found such a set on her doorstep...handsomely packaged in a basket. ALthough it's not terribly Franciscan of me, I admit I am utterly GREEN with envy.

Oh, by the way! I have scanned and will download my AltAred Book collection soon.

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