Wednesday, September 26

Greetings, dear friends! I thought I'd post a couple of my recent digital layouts...and then some of the FAB FINDS I've found in the last few days...

And so, without further's the first of my layouts:

And then this one:

I hope to offer an AltAred Art class sometime soon.

And then I found these MARVELOUS trinkets:

These adorable bird vases were found at the amazing Three Potato Four. I just LOVE fat little birds...which leads me to these most coveted treasures:

These little fat robins come from an Etsy site: Cupcakes for Clara. Way cool, yes?

And then finally, these yummy pencil rolls from Blueberry Park (England)! Aren't the fabrics mouth watering?

What IS a pencil roll you ask? Here's the item description from the website:

"What a great gift for any child - boy or girl - young or old. Manda McGrory, of Tree Fall Design, makes these fabulously functional and beautiful pencil rolls out of the most amazing fabrics. These are perfect to keep in your bag, to bring out to use anytime anywhere. The pencil roll comes with 12 coloured pencils and 2 lead pencils and is easily fastened by the attached elastic.

Choose between boy or girl variety. Manda sources only the most appealing fabric and assures that no two are the same."

And for anyone seeking to lavish someone special with a one of a kind gift, THIS would be MY choice from Divinerose:

More very soon! Peace!

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