Wednesday, March 21


Greetings, friends! I have been away at my annual Lenten Silent Retreat (go here to read more about it) and this year came away with Prayer Flags. 

I am always regenerated and refreshed in solitude, and as such, I have learned to bring along creative supplies for just such "bursts" of creativity! Last year I and the ladies created canvas bookmarks...memories of our time together with each other and Jesus. This year, we made prayer flags from the same canvas dropcloth! (I just LOVE using raw canvas and a dropcloth (sold for protecting from paint splatters) gives me yards and yards of raw, ravel-ly area to rip, tear, stain, paint, cut, fold, spindle and mutilate as I see fit!

You may remember, last year I used the raw canvas as the backdrop for  my Lenten Art Projects: 

And this year, I used it to make a set of prayer flags for each of the ladies at the retreat. The canvas drop cloth comes with edges bound and hemmed, so I simply cut 6 5.5" squares near the edge and did not cut through the that the flags will already be "hooked" together and ready to hang! I then used the few bottles of paint I brought (I had limited colors, and wanted the flags to be vibrant, so rather than paint a white or beige background, I went back to "Kindergarten Color Mixing 101" and made purple, sage green and coral (FYI: Fashionistas: A VERY "in" color this spring) Of course I had to have my red and aqua and orange completes the rainbow.

 I then began to think of the things I pray for or "claim" for this year for my family: Rev. Samuel Rodriguez's words about 2011 being a time of "pruning and cutting back" (DEAR LORD not another year like THAT!) and 2012 a year of Promotion, Protection and Provision! I'll "claim that!" for my family!

And Health! Yes! This year will be a year of good health for my family and friends...

 A year of blessing! YES, PLEASE LORD JESUS! (The little scrolls are scriptures pertaining to God's blessing and provision)
JOY! YES! I will CHOOSE joy each day and will live with an "attitude of gratitude" for every good thing in my life!
 An Abundant Life! No more living in "lack!" This year is the year of abundance and bounty...MY GOD owns it all...
And my heartfelt, perpetual prayer, "Let there be peace on earth...and let it begin with me." Amen.
I then sprayed the flags with sealer to make them weatherproof! And now, dear Sister Wind, carry these prayers to God's ears!
More soon!
Paula Clare

Saturday, March 10


Greetings, dear readers!

I have (yet again) been delivered a box of happiness via the incredible <<<<<>>>>(I've discovered via my under cover work with the Crafters Anonymous that this box did NOT come from Sandy...although there was a letter. And I THOUGHT the letter said "Sandy M" however, the writing is a bit like a pharmacist's and I can't say FOR CERTAIN that's what it says...if YOU (dear generous soul) WHOEVER you are, would like to "out" yourself and confess to this gift of glorious craft mania, please do so. I'd love to say thank you properly!)

Sandy at 521 Lake Street. (I think she must be on a cleaning spree...still (?) lol ) but I benefited from said spree with a box of assorted crafty goodness: papers, embellies, trims of all sorts, lots of borders and red and aqua...Sandy dear friend, you know JUST what I like! THANK YOU

In the meantime, as you may have "heard" I am cooking for Lent. One recipe (other than Thanksgiving meal with all the trim) has given me fits for as long as I can remember: the elusive No Bake Cookies. (You know, the oat and peanutbutter variety?) Do NOT MOCK ME! I have never made them with any success, and, like my pumpkin pie (and fudge) you have had to eat them with a spoon! However, feeling a bit more confident in the kitchen, and wielding my best kitchen PROWESS, I decided to tackle them. Behold, the results:

 When these little morsels actually "set up" (or whatever it is they do when they become cookies and not blobs on a sheet) I HAD to celebrate! I made some little flags out of this fab new goodie purchased from Etsy:
27 fab little playing card size stickers...each has precut stickers on each sheet, circles, and rectangles. I got the brill idea from this woman ...

and her amazing blog...Attic 24
 she SOOOOOO inspires me...with her colorful crochet...oh how I'd love to be so talented!

I went a little crazy "pinning" her stuff on my Pinterest Boards...I just LOVE ALL OF IT! Anyway, SHE is the one who found the little Etsy shope that sells the Masking Sticker Sets. And she made wee flags for some of her sweets, and I thought they were the most adorable things I'd ever I did likewise.

 And I made a mini-bunting as well...for my beloved Irmi pincushion (via Elizabeth of Creative Breathing) girl and her little dog...YAY! Let's celebrate! Edible cookies you DON'T have to eat with a spoon! HUZZAH!

 And the sticker sheets make the buntings and flags easy peasy...they are precut with circles and rectangles...

So you simply peel, fold, snip...peel, fold, is truly therapeutic...and just the thing when you're not "up to" a major creative event. Sometimes, I just like to do mindless crafting, you know? Something that doesn't take a great deal of creative thought, but keeps my hands busy while the hubs and I are watching TV...

Anyway, another successful cooking adventure...(I'm trying to remove the thought from my head, "It's about time for a cooking disaster...") Perhaps I'm on a roll?!

Be sure to check out my other blog to stay up to date on the meal du jour as well as the daily "state of the kitchen"

More soon!