Wednesday, July 11


Greetings, friends!

It has been waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long since I blogged anything of ANY consequence, therefore, I am going to make my hiatus "official" and revamp and rework the blog into something useful again.   In the interim, there won't be any new or fresh posts from me, but all of the cool stuff I made while I still had some kind of creativity flowing will be here for your perusal.  

I have kept up reading all of your blogs, I just don't always comment. However, the frienships I've made here I hope will remain.  I'm working on a couple of other things in life...a children's book, REAL writing, and getting missions trips together for the fall and winter. I'll keep you informed via SOME method of internet media...Facebook, Twitter...SOMETHING.  

Thanks for your support and patience all these years. I know I'm a real pain! Thanks for loving me anyway!


Sandy said...

Hi Paula!!!!!
It is SO good to see you again!!!!!!
I am anxious to hear of all of the exciting things in your future!!!! :) Hugs, Sandy

E said...

Hi Ms Paula so good to "see" you. A book wow ! Elaine

vivian said...

hi Paula Clare! Im glad your busy with good things... just be sure to check in every now and then!

Linda Ruthie said...

Hey Paula! Good to hear from you. The book sounds very exciting. I have always loved children's books and saved many of my son's collection. Have a happy day!

Creative Breathing said...

Visit when the spirit moves you to Paula. You have so touched my life in such a positive way, that I will always be thankful. Elizabeth

jen said...

Hi Paula! Just found you via your beautiful camper pics!! I was curious as to where you got your aqua and red rv mat for mary lou? it's gorgeous!! if you could email me jenfinh at yahoo dot com that would be wonderful!! thanks :)

Cheryl Lawson said...

Hi Paula,
I've missed you. Hope you'll let us all know what you're up to when you get a chance. You are so amazingly creative that I'm sure it's going to be something great! Merry Christmas!
p.s. The vintage camper scrap book you made me (I won it on your blog!) is still on display in my craft room and I still love it.