Saturday, September 10


Greetings dear reader!

I am all too aware that it has been FOR-E-VER since I've posted anything on here. I am grateful for all of my faithful followers who have left me on their readers and haven't 'ditched me' as 'inactive' or purged my blog due to lack of activity. :-) From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Now I don't know which of you darlings...or dear relatives of mine, KNEW that the lack of a road trip of ANYKIND this summer is part of what has fueled my recent lack of mojo. Not being able to make our planned jaunt to the U.P. in Michigan has been heartbreaking. I'm afraid the "luxuries" of eating and living indoors too precedence. The canned ham hasn't made it's way to a campsite in a year or more. :-(  Hopefully this fall...

Meanwhile, LOOK at this amazing surprise that came to me in the mail!

It's a game...a ROAD TRIP. In a box! Rather, in a CANNED HAM! I am beyond excited and inspired! It LOOKS LIKE something *I* would have come up with!

AND besides oh-so-clever packaging, it's a WORD game! WORDS are my bag baby! And although hubby dear and I aren't really "game people" (we generally prefer to spend time with friends and family telling stories and regaling one another with wild (true) tales of life and such), THIS GAME is FUN! It's a  have-to-think-quick kind of word game. I'm so excited...and what a PERFECT weekend for it to come! It's raining outside and just the perfect kind of day for a ROAD TRIP!
I had just written to several of my bloggy friends and told you I didn't know WHAT it will take to inspire me...that no music, craft, photos, ANYTHING has really been of any use in bringing back my long lost mojo. I think this clever box/game has done it...along with the incredible kindness of surprise. 

So if you, whoever you are, would like to fess up to being the muse that has given back my mojo, you have the humble thanks of this stunted, would-be blogger. Truly. From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU!

I am off to marvel some more at the clever game pieces (station wagons! EEP!) and read the directions so when hubby dear awakes we can play another game (or 15) today!

More soon! (YES, I MEAN it!)

(PS I realize I have used an inordinate amount of exclamation points in this post...however, it is the FIRST TIME in a very long time I have felt the need to use them at ALL! Please forgive the giddy excitement of one who has been (for too long) WITHOUT any reason to blog about ANYTHING, let alone excitedly blog! Punctuation police please forgive. Thank you.)