Tuesday, October 5


Greetings, dear reader!

As you might have figured out, I go a little "ape" decorating for holidays...everything from buying the right "candle" for fragrance to having the right little "snacks" available for any visitors who may happen through. (My "candy corn" dishes will be filled with miniature chocolate bars and orange and black wrapped peanut butter kisses (one of my old time faves!)

First, some inexpensive decorations found at a local "Halloween" store. Everything you see was half price! Again I went with "sweet and cute" rather than scary and gorey. :-) It's just NOT my bag, baby!

Lying around on the table, you might remember the vintage spoon "album" I made a year or two ago? Here are a few closer shots of the spoons, colored with Alcohol Inks!

I found this adorable little candlestick at a nearby "General Store." (It was SO FUNNY...my husband willingly tagged along, thinking General Store meant, "general merchandise."..like FOOD and TOOLS and hunting equipment...HA! It is a 3 room expanse of all things primitive and crafty! He had NO IDEA! I snagged the little spook and his candlestick and SKEdaddled out without spending my usual HOURS inside. :0) Hubby Dear was NOT amused! But *I* was!)

And my sweet little "BOO" banner, dragged out yet again...made by the ineffable Jan Thomason of Paper Cowgirl fame...

Another craft post coming your way shortly!

Paula Clare


Celestial Charms said...

Paula, love your decorated vintage spoons. Banner is beautiful, as are all your Halloween goodies. I'm knocking on your door for Halloween! ; )

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Morning Paula!

I'm with no, no gory and dark for me. Give me a Harvest feel anytime!

Love the spoon idea. I'm hitting a thrift store this morning that promises loads of Fall stuff. Trying not to get too excited...just in case!
Oh, heck, OK! I'm watching the minutes before it's time to leave!

Have a great one,

Nan said...

You have so many cute Halloween things out Paula. You do go all out. With my construction still going on here I can't decorate. I'm sure by Christmas I will have that to look forward to. Nan

Faith Hope Cherrytea ~ said...

very CUTE!
i can see the FuN you're having :)
and THX for joining the b'day fun with me today! loved your comments :) glad you stopped over & took time to share ~ that's a foundational verse for me to - well said my friend!

Suz said...

I just found you over at Elizabeth's and I am so excited. I just love this first post. My daughter and I make jewelry but i love paper crafting, which I never seem to have enough time for...and I love what you have done here for your "altered spoon album." Soooo cute. Now I must see what else you have!

Ann Nichols said...

So cute! I agree I like sweet and cute much more than scary and gory! Actually, I don't like gory at all! these are adorable decoration - real finds! Your poor hubby...I'm sure he'll get you back some day... so beware (particularly on Halloween)!

Ann Nichols said...

PS Just became your 99th follower!! Who will be your 100th? :)

sarah said...

so sweet halloween accessories. I am, sarah, fan of all good decorating ideas :) thanks for these