Wednesday, July 7


Greetings, dear campers!

Welcoming Kari of DharmaWaits and her beautifully pink 1957 Airfloat Camper!

Here she is with her little bandana'ed gal in the doorway and one of my favorite little cowpokes sitting outside! Don't you just LOVE the cherry blossoms and tulips? One thing I LOVE about the airfloat campers is the round "porthole" windows...Kari made clear FLOWERED windows...aren't they just adorable?

(By the way, the little cowpoke on the rock is my niece Emileigh...she is now home from East Africa and is preparing to go to college in Springfield, Mo. HOORAY for little cowpokes who grow up to be cowgirls for missions!)

Glitter Words

I will be rounding up all the campers and ribbons and get them rolling from the campground to your prospective homes...let me just say I have THOROUGHLY ENJOYED being your Campground Host and hope you will come back again to visit the Happy Camper Campground! Rumor has it that there will be another "hootenany" of a tag swap coming up soon! Stay tuned!

Now let's all gather around the campfire for a good ol' fashioned sing-a-long, homemade ice cream and smores with those giant marshmallows of Sandy's! The chuckwagon will be open all night! WOOHOO!

I see "E" has out her harmonica...let's all join in for a rousing round of "Happy Trails"...

Happy trails to you, until we meet again...

happy trails to you, keep smilin' until then.
Who cares about the clouds when we're together?
Just sing a song and bring the sunny weather.
Happy trails to you, 'till we meet again.

Some trails are happy ones,
Others are blue.
It's the way you ride the trail that counts,
Here's a happy one for you.

Happy trails to you, until we meet again.
Happy trails to you, keep smilin' until then.
Who cares about the clouds when we're together?
Just sing a song and bring the sunny weather.

And now let's all recite together, the Roy Rogers Rider Club rules:

1. Be neat and clean.
2. Be courteous and polite.
3. Always obey your parents.
4. Protect the weak and help them.
5. Be brave but never take chances.
6. Study hard and learn all you can.
7. Be kind to animals and take care of them.
8. Eat all your food and never waste any.
9. Love God and go to Sunday school regularly.
10. Always respect our flag and our country.

Happy trails to you, 'till we meet again.

Your Loving Campground Host,

Paula Clare


Tracy Suzanne said...

Isn't Kari's camper just the cutest thing! I love those pink blossoms and the those tulips not to mention the cute camper.

Happy Trails Cowgirls....Tracy :)

Michelle said...

I have L.O.V.E.D. being on this road trip with you all. Such talented ladies. Thank you Paula for doing such an awsome job as camp leader and Thank You for letting us newbies join.


Stevie said...

Oooh Fantabulous!!! I can't wait for these to arrive in my mailbox!

I'm excited for another swap! THANK YOU!!!


Creative Breathing said...

Paula, You have made our tag swap so much fun! Is there another already planned? Let me know! Have you seen my recent Gnome Garland I am working on? It's a cutie! I also have posted the cut out patterns for the little gnome tags that you were interested in quite a time ago. Alsoooo, I am posting right now THE cutest photos just for you including a to die for card! Have a great evening! E

Creative Breathing said...


Cindy said...

Paula tonight is the first time it has let me get on your blog..the song and the pledge were adorable..boy those brought back some memories!!
I can't wait till the next swap!!Thank you for all you ahve done..being on the other end,,I now see how much work goes into it..but it is fun!!

Happy Trails to you..Camper Cindy
I need to go get some more snowcone ice..these girls do love their thinks they are putting into their other drinks
just sayin..

hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham