Saturday, July 24


Greetings, cowgirls!

With the Vintage Camper Tag Swap just finishing up (the campers went in the mail Friday) and now the Wild West Tag Swap firing! You have all inspired my boots off! However, there is one "little lady" (if you say that like John Wayne it sounds better!) who has truly outdone herself...

Congrats to Christine of "The Tin Can Cottage"! You are the July winner of the "You Inspire Me" award! Christine's little campers were oh so adorable...

And her blog of her adventures in her vintage Shasta have me swooning with envy!

(My husband Bud is green over her parking takes him longer to park our tiny 13' "canned ham" than most of the guys driving the big class C fifth wheels!)

Christine travels in this sweet little 1964 Shasta...isn't it dreamy? Her little campers were the "spittin image" of the real thing!

I am just so inspired by her love of all things "canned ham" ... and by her mobile crafting! Congrats, Christine! Hope you like your award!

I'm reading and checking out the blogs of all who enter my swaps, and spend entirely TOO MUCH TIME surfing to find blogs that are fun, colorful, full of sweet images and inspiration! Maybe YOU will be August's winner?!?!

Hugs and Inspiration! YEEHAW!
Paula Clare


Christine said...

YeeHaw and Thank-You Paula!
This Award Coming from one of my Mentors - You! Makes your award even more Special to Me!
Finding your blog and reeling through your wonderfully inspiring video tutorials help get my "make shift craft room/table" with all the things I needed, in order to discover what I call my "Craft Therapy" See..., Paula, even when your Blogging, your helping others find peace and happiness in they're selves! "D Isn't what this thing is All about! Really, Paula, I can't thank you enough!

Big Hugs and Smiles of Thanx!

Stevie said...

I **love** her Shasta! Can't wait to get her tag!

Congrats Christine!!!

Creative Breathing said...

Paula, I just knew you two would hit it off! I have loved following her adventures, too. I wanted to tell you to be sure and purchase Sandy's Christmas CD because there are a group of house cards (I will post soon) that I think would make a fantastic Paula Clare chunky book Tag Along! Everyone who has the CD can share their house each week from T Day until Christmas. EEK! Inspiration is beginning to spring up everywhere. I'm working on my PC tag tonight! Have a great week ahead! E

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Paula! I have posted my tags for you on my flickr just to make sure I kind of, sort of, got the right idea. Have a great day! E

Rebecca Ramsey said...

So cute.
Your blog ALWAYS puts a smile on my face, Paula Clare!
Blessings back to you!