Tuesday, June 8


Greetings, dear reader!

Today's mail brought these adorable vintage teardrop campers from Samantha Miranda...behold their compact cuteness!

Look at these adorable colors and images! And the teatowel she sent me...just because! It's practically new! Beautiful!

 And here are some of the pictures from our travels on Route 66. We found this wonderful drive in...sadly, abandoned and destined to become one more of the forgotten relics of Route 66. It's a shame, because the place was the absolute definition of the 1950s era of the Mother Road...great attention paid to details...

This little diner was up and running...although there were only 2 cars in the parking lot. Cracker Barrel's lot was filled to overflowing...am I the ONLY ONE who would prefer a unique bit of Americana rather than a cookie cutter franchise restaurant?

The glory of Route 66 is the wonderful little treasures tucked in out of the way places...like this motel in Cuba, MO:

I SWEAR I could hear the theme song from Mayberry RFD playing in the background! THEN, we had lunch at this charming place:

Webster the Wonder Dog enjoyed the outside dining facilities...the prices were great, the service was fast and friendly, and the food was fantastic! OUR KIND OF PLACE!

Well, I must go play hostess to all the happy camper Camporee tag folks...they can be a rowdy bunch if left unattended?

I'll be back soon with pictures of the newly painted canned ham, more Route 66 travels, and craft projects galore!

Your Friendly Campground Host,
Paula Clare


A Vintage Chic said...

Love those diners, Paula! Makes me sad to see that first one abandoned--it's really cute!

LOVE those campers--fabulous!

Hope you're having a wonderful day!


Paula Clare said...

Hi Julie!
I know...I SO wanted to buy the drive in on the spot...and take home the booths and fixtures with me! The booths would be PERFECT in my red/aqua kitchen...and those stainless steel light fixtures were too die for! How sad to see the place without people and car hops and "Rock Around the Clock" blaring over the speakers!

Hey, wanna go halfsies on a slightly used drive in? lol

Samantha said...

I'm so glad they arrived safely...and thank you so much for the sweet words about them.
I'm loving all of your Route 66 pics...someday I would love to take that vacation! We are about 30 minutes from the Santa Monica end.

Paula Clare said...

Hi Sam!
NO, thank YOU for the beautiful tea towel and for participating in our camper tag swap! I hope you enjoy your stay at the campground...and...for your entertainment, I will be showing a movie on the campgrounds of our Route 66 travels..pull up a lawn chair, the big show is about to begin! (Can you smell the virtual popcorn?!)

TheNormanFive said...

Glad to hear your back and blogging. I love your blog. I just wish I would have found it sooner so I could have been in on the vintage camper swap. Those campers are so cute. It makes me want to find one of those canned hams and decorate it really cute. I just love everything...

TheNormanFive said...

I want to know where you get the cute vintage kid and other pics for your tags?


Scrap for Joy said...

Hi Paula~
I really enjoyed seeing these pictures from your travels..I agree about eating at local places vs chains. We try to do that when we travel, also. The tags so far are all amazing..can't wait to see them all!
Happy day to you!

barncat said...

Love the little campers, I think that cute little window just makes them perfect!

What a wonderful drive-in, was it in Cuba? We've stayed at a different old 66 motel in Cuba (The Wagon Wheel), so fun! And we have one of those silver diners in our town, I remember watching it go up 10-15 years ago, it was a prefab believe it or not! Locally owned and decorated so fun inside, love it!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

How fun! Those places are priceless.
Your blog always makes me so happy!

Creative Breathing said...

Paula, You are getting the cutest tags ever for this camper swap! I am here in Ohio barely able to contain myself from getting in the car and driving to your doorstep to thank you for my box of wonderfulness! Paula, Your tags are to die for!!! As Viv would say, "They are too stinkin cute!" Just as I was admiring the cowgirl image, I nearly fainted to see you had included some in the box! What an amazing idea! Oh Paula what I truly am having fits over are the photos of the campers and Route 66 landmarks. My own tag book of Paula Clare goodness to be made! I'm going on here, I will save the rest for a post this week. EAK! You are too, too kind to me! Elizabeth

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Paula, Just to let you know, the original box of cards was to me from Sandy of 521 Lake Street, and I asked her if I could send the ones I didn't choose along to you as well as adding the same amount I took. The hopes is that you will have a go through them and then pass them on as well as things you no longer want in your scrap room to someone you know who would appreciate them. I just knew you were the person to get them next! I had such fun, too! E

Creative Breathing said...

Paula, I was responding to a person on flickr called Calsidyrose who it seems loves Cowboy images. I noticed her Paper Cowgirl button and came to check to see if it is on your blog - low and behold - how did I miss this!!!! Oh my gosh, there has to be a cowgirl swap at some point this year! I'm inspired always by you Paula! E

Stevie said...

Hello Paula! I love the camper tag! I'm so excited to get an assortment back! Tomorrow I am sending mine out. May I please get your address?

I love the pictures of Route 66. Thanks for sharing and I hope to see more! xo