Friday, June 25


Greetings dear readers!

Join me in giving our good friend Linda Ruthie a big camp HOWDY!

The little aqua teardrop is just adorable...look at the shiny chrome trim...the sewn "corrugated" sides!

And her swimsuited likeness welcoming us and inviting us in for a pitcher of cold lemonade!

Linda requested a shady spot...Webster the Wonder Dog is there to welcome her and point out her place under a big shade tree...

She also made this wonderful tea towel to commemorate the occasion.

Get settled in, Miss Linda! We'll see you at the cowboy campfire dinner later tonight!

More soon!
Paula Clare
Your Campground Host


Linda Ruthie said...

Yee-haw! What a lovely spot under the tree. Just perfect!
So that's what happened to that little blue star sticker! I tried adding a couple on the tag then decided I didn't like them. While I was removing them, that blue one went shooting off into space and I couldn't find it anywhere, until I saw it stuck to the back of my tag right there in Paula's pic. Paula, would you be an angel and try to remove the blue star sticker from the tag? Thanks so much.
I'll see you 'round the campfire.

Creative Breathing said...

Oh Paula! Isn't this the most wonderful tag swap ever! Her camper is just to die for. I can't thank you enough for how much fun this swap has been. Are you doing Cindy's apron swap? I am! I think between the three of us we've got the year covered without burning out on hosting. Yeah! Have a great weekend.

Sandy said...

I can't wait until we are all here at the campground! This is soooo fun!!!!!! Foster, you are the best valet! :):)

Cindy said...

Paula..Linda Ruthies detail is so awesome!! I love the teardrops..but I don't think I could really camp in one..I would be

I can't wait to string my campers together and hang them in my House on wheels.
That towel is so cute!!!!!!

Hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham