Monday, June 21


Hello Dear Bloggers,

Mom's in the shower so I thought I would take time to get my paws on her computer...long enough to blog a hello to all my furry friends out in blogland!

It has been SO HOT here! It's all a dog can do to keep cool! Both air conditioners in both our cars are broken, so it's been all windows down and everybody sticking their heads out to stay cool!

Well, mom and dad don't stick their heads out very often...but it's really been hot! I try to find shade outside whenver I can...

And we've been sleeping in the "canned ham" because it gets so cool so fast. There's also a little more space for a dog to sleep...I'm glad for that!

Mom and I have had some long talks lately...just making plans for the summer and discussing how much and what kind of food she should buy me...important discussions!

So what are all of YOU doing for the summer? How are YOU staying cool?

OOPS! Mom's out of the shower...gotta go! Have a good summer! WOOF!
Webster the Wonder Dog


Linda Ruthie said...

Great post Webster! You are a very talented dog. I always find that ice cream is the best way to stay cool. Do you like ice cream, Webster?

Paula Clare said...

I prefer snocones...good idea! Oh mommmmmmm...

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, so sweet! Webster reminds me of my childhood friend, Jack...I miss my schnauzer!


Sandy said...

I understand hot......I hope you can stay cool the rest of the week! I think the snocone idea is a keeper buddy! :):)

The TinCan Cottage said...

Nice to Meet Ya Webster! You Have One Creative Mom There and You Are a Luck Dog!

A Pat and a Smile to ya Boy!
Hope to Hear from you again...when your Ma's not looking "D