Sunday, June 6


Greetings, dear reader!

As many of you may or may not know, I have just come back from spending several days with number one son, wifee and grandson. What a sweet family! I had the horror of my camera failing me while I was there with them, but daughter in lpve took some shots and hopefully will get them to me so I can post them here and/or on facebook.

I have been ina crafting frenzy, and have much to show you once I sit down long enough to catch my breath...we traveled portions of Route 66 while enroute to see the grandson...I'll have pics and posts about our travels! I'll also be getting my mail on Tuesday (had it held for I KNEW campers would be arriving and didn't want them to be left without a valet to park them on the campground!) so I'm sure I'll have some of those little treasures to show you as well. My tablecloth banner is coming along nicely, my campers are almost done, and my postcard tags are in the mail to our dear E as I type! My goodness...I've been "busy as a cranberry merchant" as my grandma used to say. I'm not sure just how busy said merchants ARE (if any of you happen to know one personally, clue me in!) otherwise, I'll assume they are VERY busy with the renewed love for cranberry EVERTHING in our culture! 

SOoooooooooo tired...

More after I rest and find all my goods for show n tell...see you again soon!
Paula Clare


Anonymous said...

Boo at the camera issue. Glad you had a swell visit!


Creative Breathing said...

I can see by your picture Paula, that you have been "on the road" again! You do look worn out! Can't wait for you to catch your breath! E