Friday, June 11


Greetings dear reader!

As promised, I wanted to share with you pictures of our trip through Wild well as show you the recent facelift the canned ham has undergone.

Before & After:

You can still see all the dings and dents...but at least now it's the vintage aqua of my dreams! Just ordered a red/white stripe awning to go with...

So the canned ham of my dreams is fast becoming a reality! YAY! I see larger campers on the road...vintage and otherwise, and just do not feel the warm sense of nostalgia and contenment found in our little, tiny camper!

Here are the Long Horn promised...along with other creatures galore!

The safari is a drive through nature experience! Tickets were about $17 per person, and for $2.50 you can purchase a bag of food...and then off you go! Our first "food toll" had to be paid to this guy...who was NOT going to budge until he got his fare...

Such a wise guy...and SO CUTE! Massive creatures!And it seemed NOBODY was shy about coming up to the car to ask for a treat! 

The little deer, antelope, gazelles, impalas...were all adorable! Lots of babies with their spots yet!

And this little guy just stole my heart...

I've always had something of a love affair with buffalo since my travels out west with my mom. There's something very "American" about seeing wild herds of buffalo roaming the free range...

Hilariously, the most aggressive of ALL the animals were the Emu...what a riot! The little guys came up to the car and would pinch hubby's fingers if he didn't let go of the food quick enough! 

Not terribly attractive birds...

And of course the usual zebras and such...even a darling little one came running over...just look at the little stripes on his legs. SOoooooooooo sweet! 

And the ever popular wildebeest...strange looking creatures! Of course WEbbie was barking at them ALL the whole time...trying to protect us from the dread wild menagerie I suppose!

There were baby animals set up like a petting zoo at the beginning of the trail...and the wild cats (of which there were several) were all holed up under sheds and trying to stay cool in the shade. Adorable...and great fun! Highly recommended for those who have kids and want to do something other than the typical zoo experience.


TheNormanFive said...

Love the aqua color.. Good choice on the awning. That will be so cute. I'm jealous. I've got my eye out for one of those little hams...yeehaw!

Sandy said...

Your little canned ham is looking more and more vintage every day! Can't wait to see the awning!!!!! The tags are done! WHO-HOO! A box will be coming your way early next week! :)