Saturday, May 29


Greetings, dear readers!

Here's a pic of my current crafting craze...tags for the "Wish You Were Here" tag swap!

AND the vintage tablecloth banner I'm working on...

AND the vintage camper tag swap...

As you were...


Tracy Suzanne said...

Love those tags. Love that paper.

:) Smile

barncat said...

Your postcards turned out so cute, your route 66 idea was great!

I recognize that paper in the last picture, bet your little campers turn out wonderful. :)

Nan said...

Oh I love your post cards, the banner will be so cute too and would love to see the camper tags too, I'm sure they will be very unique like you.
Take Care

Heleen said...

Can't wait to see the caravan tags!

The TinCan Cottage said...

Lovin it All! And Ofcourse... I will have to try my hand at a banner too...:) You do know....copying is the best form of flattery!"D
Just Love Your Creativity! You and Elizabeth, sure keep me going! :D

Sunshine and Smiles,

vivian said...

busy girl Paula Clare! I LOVE your wish you were here tags!! Now I wish I hadnt dropped out. Im going to be so jealous when you all get your tag books! ARHG!! but I really was unable to do it this time.. and your camper tag swap too!! I'm missing out on all the fun! How come life has to get in the way of creating! OK.. and your vintage table cloth banner.. OMG!! LOVE it.. its going to be AWESOME!!!
have a great holiday Paula! I hope youre doing something fun.

Stevie said...

Greetings Paula! Your post cards rock! I can't wait to get them all back.

I am about done my caravan camper tags. I just need to find stickers of some sort of dessert for the housewife to be holding. I should have them sent out next weekend.

I love the colors and designs of the tablecloth banner! So bright and cheery. :0)

Take care!