Friday, April 23


Greetings, dear reader!

Here is a little reminder about the Groovy Retro Giveaway drawing to be held tomorrow,  April 24th (my dear deceased mom's birthday...and, coincidentally Webster the Wonder Dog turns 10 on the very same day!) Webster will be the one who draws the name (I will try to video the event...he's a multi-talented little dog, and is VERY photogenic!) 

If you would like a refresher about what is "up for grabs", go here. Added to that, was this! Be sure to comment on either of those posts to be entered in the drawing!

Good luck, and we'll talk again soon!

Paula Clare


Creative Breathing said...

Hi Paula! I'm absolutely exhausted at the end of this week, but just can't turn in without saying hello and wishing you a wonderful weekend! I LOVE your Magpie ribbon! You are so amazing, wait a minute, Paper Cowgirl, like I was saying.... You make me smile with a big S. Every time I visit there is something new to see! I'm going Pink for my next craft projects - very "out there" for me! Have a fun weekend! Elizabeth

Jacqueline said...

Waving to you from Washington Paula Clare where gnomes run free as raindrops fall. Actually I'm busy as you know over on Jelly Bean Island. Did you know you are busy building a Fairyland with me over there! Knock, knock...come back soon...there is a meeting in the basement of Jelly Bean Castle! Wink! Love your retro on wheels...I had one too, and I called it my Happy Camper.