Friday, January 29


#59: Nan of Retired in Alaska!

Congrats, Nan! I will be mailing your gnome goodies tomorrow...hope you enjoy the additions to your little gnome/pixie cottage!

Thank you  SO MUCH to ALL my dear readers who have journeyed along with me during this homage to gnomedom! I hope you'll stay with me for the Valentine madness that will ensue Feb. 1!

Hugs and mushroom smoochies to all!
Paula Clare


Heleen said...

Congrats to Nan!

Meri Wiley said...

Congratulations Nan, you're one lucky lady! Enjoy your goodies!

Happy Weekend!

Linda said...

Congratulations Nan...have fun with your gnome treats!

prashant said...

Verry exciting!I have my fingers crossed for good luck!

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Nan said...

Oh my gosh I can't believe it I never win anything !! I was going through my blog list and read I had won on another blog first before getting here lol...Thanks Paula I can't wait for those great gnome goodies I know the gnomes and I will have lots of fun together.
I have found the perfect little boy named Hamish for my gnome quilt I made. It's my teacher at the pool's little son, he loves gnomes and they are from Scotland. Nan

Christy said...

congratulations Nan! We really enjoyed the gnome party Paula. Thank You!