Wednesday, January 13


Greetings, my fellow gnomites!

I am assuming that many of you come to the Palace in search of inspiration, creative methods of altering found objects, and perhaps stumbling upon some papercrafting skills in the process????

WELL, I have heard the outcry from many of you that while there are many retreats for our friends who scrapbook there are few here in the midwest for those of us who are of the AltAred Art persuasion. SOoooooo, planning as I type is another AltAred Art retreat at scenic Lake Sallateeska, here in Illinois.

DING! DING! DING! New Development!

I have many friends here in blogdom...all over the world, actually, and wonder if there might be a group who would like the AltAred Art projects taught at the retreat available online? The fee will be substantially less, since there's no food or stay involved, but you can still have fun along with those of us who are in attendance...I might even be able to make avideo and allow you to attend THAT way! 

DO let me know if there's an interest in such, and I will do my best to make it happ'n, cap'n !

A Creative Memories consultant (and a dear friend and coworker) will be hosting a scrapbooking retreat, and I will be hosting an AltAred Art Retreat. The cost of the weekend (Friday and Saturday) will be all inclusive...your meals, supplies for the on site projects, and room costs will be figured in to the total price. You don't have to take care of anything except packing your favorite supplies and getting here!

We have limited spots available, so as soon as we get a date nailed down (sometime in March I believe) I will let you know. The price will be assuming double occupancy...however individual rooms will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis for a slightly higher fee. As one who values her time of solitude and silence,  I personally think the additional money is always worth it.

I am working on the projects we will be art journal definitely...and I have a few more ideas brewing around...again, I'll keep you posted.

Start budgeting now! Begin "buttering up" your spouse or "significant other" to provide the funds, child care and/or means by which you'll join us! OH THE FUN WE'LL HAVE!

More again soon!


Creative Breathing said...

Paula, I have to let you know about a reader who leaves such wonderful comments on my blog, Nan. I finally clicked on her name and almost had my socks knocked off! Oh my goodness the BEAUTIFUL Valentines she has shared will have you drooling, but most importantly are her photos of her life in ALASKA!!!! They will take your breath away. I couldn't wait to tell you! I'm not a traveler, but your retreat sounds like so much fun. Please take lots of pictures! E

Julie Ranae said...

What an interesting blog you glad I made a visit and I will be back!

Creative Breathing said...

Paula, I can get as far as Notre Dame or Indianapolis. My husband and I would like a trip there again. You have to understand, my husband who has traveled the world over has only EVER taken me to Traverse City, MI! For EVERY single vacation of my life! That I get to travel to Atlanta FINALLY to my new grandson at Easter is such a miracle. Our first is four years old! It is just one of his quirks we tease him about. I am not a driver at all. Oh Paula, I am very, very shy. I am dying to learn how to make a puffy book. A video would be so amazing! I would pay for that! I just can't tell you enough times how much inspiration I get from your Christmas book. I can't seem to find the fat book though. Any suggestions - a Valentine's book must be made! Take care, and thank you for all that you share. E

Sandy said...

Oh Paula,
I wish I could come!!!! But it is just too far away for finances right now! LOL Byt he way, I have given you an award, come on by and pick it up! :)

Pixie said...

Well, I would love to attend, but flying in from the UK is not a reality at this time. I hope you will maybe offer some classes or tutorials online for those of us too far away.