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Greetings dear reader!

Here I am again with more "how to" directions for the ornaments, decorations and gifts featured in this slide show:

In my last post I got as far as the Clothespin Ornament. The next ornie in the slideshow is a

9. YoYo and Button Ornament. Simply gather several fabric yoyos (I can't sew but I DID learn how to make these...and had a few extras after using them for embellishments and such) and a handful of coordinating buttons. Several strands of raffia, and a large needle. Stack 5 or 6 buttons and draw raffia through buttonholes with needle. "Sew" through 2 or 3  fabric yoyos. Another stack of buttons, another 3 yoyos. Finish up with a final stack of buttons and knot the raffia at the bottom of the ornament. Leave a 2 or 3" piece hanging at the bottom, and leave a 3 or 4" piece at the top for hanging. FUN!

10. Counted Cross Stitch Ornie: I did not make this ornament, a friend made it for me. She said she simply followed a pattern for a Christmas tree, then cut out the tree from the cross stitch canvas...leave about 1/16 of the fabric all the way around the tree. Use Fray Check on edges to keep from unraveling. Add a wire and two more cross stitched embellishments at the top of the wire. Tie a raffia bow in center top of wire.

11. Chipboard Box Shaker Ornament: This box originally held chipboard embellishments for scrapbooking pages. I kept the box and will either paint or cover the front of the box with paper and ink (of course!) the edges. Then select a favorite photo or vintage image to glue to inside back of box behind clear "window". Add mica flakes for snow and viola! A shaker ornament for your tree! (I'll post the project when I'm done with it!) It even comes with a ribbon hanger already on the box!

12. Christmas Bingo Card Book: I purchased and downloaded Kathryn Balint's set of vintage bingo cards. These look very old and "ratty" and include Christmas word searches, crossword puzzles, bingo, and other fun Christmas pages. I printed them out on cardstock, but will back each card with a piece of chipboard cut to size. Be sure to use a card for each side of the chipboard! I also printed out some fave vintage images, and will glue one to each card (I'll post the finished product when I'm done!) I backed the vintage santa with chipboard and will add a ribbon to the top and put him in the middle of the book with the top half "hanging outside" the edges of the book. He can then be used as a book mark or tag for a Christmas gift. Add a journaling spot and include a favorite Christmas memory, funny story or photo. When each card is done,  punch holes in the side and bind with 7 gypsies small red binder rings. Add ribbon to rings and you have a wonderful and sturdy memento to leave on the coffee table for friends and family to enjoy!

The rest of the photos are of handmade ornaments that I have purchased at craft fairs and been given as gifts over the years. Some of them look like they'd be pretty easy to make...except for that whole "sewing thing." lol 

If you have any questions about dimensions or anything else for that matter, just leave a comment and I'll get right back to you!  Hope you've enjoyed these holiday ideas! I would be thrilled if you used them to draw family close together over the holidays. More soon!

Peace Out!
Paula Clare


She'sSewPretty said...

Oh my gosh Paula! Those are all cute. Where did you find the bingo cards?

Paula Clare said...

Hi There! Thanks for visiting my blog! The bingo cards are a download from the ineffable Kathryn Balint...her web addy is http://www.kbandfriends.com Then search for Christmas Bingo Cards. Aren't they FUN?!!?

Kathryn said...

Paula, I just wanted to thank you for your mention of my bingo card digital scrapbook elements! In addition, those clothespin ornaments are too cute! What a fun slideshow of Christmas-themed projects.