Wednesday, October 7


Greetings dear reader!

Since having joined Art From the Heart, (a group of artists, photographers, painters and the like), we have been handed a challenge to in some way pay homage to Edgar Allen Poe this Halloween. Since he is a fave of mine, I already had some works in progress!

You might remember the little wall disc I made last year...

This year, using one of Red Lead's new Halloween stamps, I created a little Book ATC. The pages are actually bound with the waxed twine...however I separated them for photos...

These little pages pay tribute to some of my fave Poe stories...I love his poetry as well. The Raven and Anabel Lee have been faves of mine since grade school...

I also hand cut and glittered these two raven "sconces" to sit on the wall next to the haunted house canvas I created last year...

Oh! And I almost forgot...look at this adorable mummy doll pattern from Woman's Day Magazine:

I may try making paper versions!

More soon!

Paula Clare


Rebecca Ramsey said...

So spookily (is that a word?) wonderful! I love it all!
You've gotten me into the Halloween mood!

Paula Clare said...

Hi Becky! So glad you stopped by! Things will get more spooky as the day of "All Hallows Eve" nears...stay tuned!

And yes, spookily is now declared a legit word!