Sunday, September 20


Greetings, dear reader!

I am back from my counseling conference (you can see my Facebook page for pics and details). Meanwhile, let's get back to the Route 66 trip, shall we? It's taking almost as long for me to blog about it as it did to actually travel it! lol

After our trip to the Farm and Ranch Museum, we trekked on to the little "berg" of Shamrock, Ok. A modern day ghost town...whatever industry that used to provide income for the citizens must have either exited town or closed it's doors. This is the ONLY photo worthy Route 66 stop in the place:

This lovely little green tile and glass Conoco station. It wasn't open, but there it was, shining like the lone emerald in an otherwise tarnished tiara...

Truly a beautiful building...I'm so glad we stopped!

Continuing our tour toward Oklahoma City, you'll notice Wind Generator farms. You cannot fathom the size of these things...they were enormous! We were quite mesmerized by the sight and stopped to just "oooooooooh" and "aaaaaaaahhhhh" a bit.

Our trip to Oklahoma City was quite uneventful...however worth every mile traveled, because on the way, in Clinton, OK, ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived at the:

This is an actual diner that used to be along Rt. 66. For $5,000 a person could buy the full stocked diner, set it up and open for business. There is a little box on the side of the building where the business owner was to place 10% of their weekly earnings. A collector would come each week to collect the money, and see how the diner was doing. Inside are stools at an old fashioned soda fountain and grill, and 6 small round tables with two chairs at each. A black and white checked floor and a jukebox on each table complete the dining experience. Hubby Dear and I wanted to bring this one home with us! We think it'd be great fun owning and running such a thing!

Tomorrow, the inside of the museum and Amarillo, Texas! YEEHAW!


barncat said...

That first photo looks like the body shop in the movie "Cars"! Such fun photos! Looking forward to seeing the museum next time. :)

creative breathing said...

That is just amazing! People used to do the same thing with refridgeraters. A little box was on the side for your weekly payment, a man would come to collect the coins. Boy would I have loved the idea when the kids were home - a quarter an opening! Can you believe that gas station! Those windmills! Of course, you were there! Sorry, can't help myself. This tour is sooo my cup of tea! E

Pam said...

Love reading about your travels. I hope it is o.k. that I posted a link to your blog on my blog along with the photo of the little quiltie I made for you. Hope you received the invoice.